Mission Statement

Ragahimsa Ragdoll Cattery has been founded on Ragalong Ragdolls, the foremost Ragdoll line in both Canada and the U.S. The Ragalong Cattery is located in Sooke, B.C. and on the web at http://www.ragdollkittens.ca/ . Ragalong Ragdolls are renowned for their soundness of mental and physical health and are famed for being true to the Original Ragdoll Traditional Type. Original Traditional Ragdoll Type means there has not been a popular recent genetic injection of the Persian cat into this Ragdoll line, which produces an atypical type of Ragdoll, and atypical type means incorrect type of Ragdoll. This is called atypical type because the look of non-traditional Ragdolls is coming to strongly resemble the Persian cat, which has happened with the Himalayan cat who now has the strange look confusing the Himalayan type with the Persian type. As stated by a breeder/judge of Himalayans, "they used to have noses".

Along with the Ragalong line, we have incorporated two Original Traditional Ragdoll Queens from USAPURRS. USAPURRS is a cattery located in Florida., USA. and is famed for some high quality Original Traditional Type Ragdolls.

The most recent arrival has been the addition of Ragmar Under Wraps of Ragahimsa, who also comes from Florida. Our heartfelt gratitude to Bri Defoe of USAPURRS for negotiating the acquisition of "Wrapper" for us and deep appreciation to Doris Simon for giving us the privilege of owning him. Ragmar is a very old distinguished cattery, again, based on the Original Ragdoll Traditional Type. Wrapper is a renowned Sire of top quality Original Traditional Ragdolls both in the USA and here at Ragahimsa in Canada. We welcomed him with open arms.

It is with the utmost gratitude to Marilyn and Corky McCorkindale at Ragalong and to Bri Defoe at USAPURRS for their trust, kindness and advice that I began the venture and adventure of breeding and showing the highest possible quality of the Original Traditional Ragdoll cats.

My sincere intention is to breed Ragdolls as my personal pleasure. I love this breed of cat and am making the best effort I can in raising and offering the healthiest, most beautiful and loving Ragdolls possible to the show ring and to you and your families.

My selection of the highest quality Original Traditional Ragdolls available not only meets and exceeds the Ragdoll standards in TICA, CFA and CCA for the Original Traditional Ragdoll type, but they excel in the most desirable Ragdoll temperament type possessing dog-like loyalty and intelligence. They are affectionately known as the puppy cats. Because of my lifelong love affair with dogs, I have chosen to continue my love of breeding and showing animals with the Original Traditional Ragdoll cat as my preferred type of cat.

As a previous breeder of a famous line of Shelties for some 40 years, and still the happy owner of two Shelties, I have a sound understanding of the theory of Mendel's Laws of Inheritance. Because of my vast experience breeding Shelties, I am witness to the predictability and accuracy of Mendel's Laws of Inheritance.



We pride ourselves with healthy cats and an excellent code of ethics.


All foundation breeding cats at Ragahimsa have been scanned NEGATIVE for HCM.

We provide a three-year written genetic health guarantee, as well as a lifetime guarantee against HCM.



We strictly breed purebred registered Traditional Ragdoll Cats and each Ragdoll Cat is registered TICA, CFA and CCA.


Champion Ragahimsa Portrait in Blue